Programs  Offered to Children


Embrace the present moment through breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace.

Meditation helps children in a variety of ways. It helps reduce stress, strengthens the immune system, can improve relationships at home & at school , decreases aggressiveness and anxieties, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, memory & concentration and promotes inner peace.

Kids' meditation has also proven effective in helping kids release negative thoughts and behaviors and in building self-confidence. We all want our children and students to be stress free. Mindfulness and meditation are fantastic tools that kids can learn at an early age which will help them throughout their lives.

Flow, Connecting and Integrating

Faster pace, aerobic. Promotes deep and even breathing. When we string poses together, we give kids a taste of what it means to move with ease. It also helps them build the awareness that all our movements are a series of coordinated efforts between muscles, bones, joints and nerves.

Strengthening and Energizing

Slower pace. Focusing on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. There is a common thought  that yoga is great for stretching, but doesn't build strength. I choose to include conversations, as well as exercises around how helpful yoga is for building strength. Talking about the different muscles used in poses and incorporating games and sequences will help build strength as well as body awareness and coordination. Bodies that are strong digest food better and maintain a healthy weight.

Awareness and Focus

Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement. It gives children a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Children that have healthy body awareness are more confident and strong human beings, have better posture, breathe better and have a sense of quiet strength.


Balancing poses teach children that with increased focus, you can increase attention naturally, even in children who struggle with different challenges related to attention. Certain poses and games focused on balancing skills, develop an intrinsic strength, evoke a meditative feeling, and promote stillness and quieting of the mind. This can help kids deal with the stress of living in a chaotic world where constant stimulation is a regular part of life.


Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calming the nervous system through breathing exercises. Restorative yoga gives children the opportunity to quiet their minds and relax their bodies.